Modern Living Rooms Designs

Your living rooms designs are the center of entertainment and family time. A living room decorated properly will also help make your guests feel comfortable. Selecting the living room style design fit for your home depends on your personal taste and how you will use the space, taking into accounts both the aesthetic and functional [...]

Contemporary minimalist living room design

The minimalist living room design is modern and today is widely used for elegant spaces. Particularly designs minimalist living rooms have a goal to give the space a touch of style and modernity. The minimalist decor is based on the point placed in the room less stuff, so it look simple but always have a [...]

Living room furniture

The living room is the room in which we seek entertainment and communication, and where we met both with friends and with family. For that reason, should be a place where we feel comfortable and we can combine private and public lives. We show you a simple way to decorate a living room cozy. Transform [...]

Romantic Living Room Decor Stylish

If you want romantic living room decor, you must merge different specific elements in the final composition. Decorative accessories, diaphanous fabrics, floral centerpieces, prints and pastel ranges are some of the most used to achieve these attractive effect resources. A romantic living room decor cannot miss velvet curtains, gold-framed paintings, chandeliers, vases and furniture ranging [...]

Modern Living Room Designs for Small Spaces

Decorate modern living room designs for small spaces can be difficult due to the lack of space to work with. However, you can place furniture in a living room of this size so that the space seems larger than it is. Placing furniture in a certain way and following simple instructions decorating a small space [...]

astonishing modern living room design 2015

Minimalist trend is perfect for getting decorate modern living room design 2015, Fostering the use and combination of spot colors, spatial brightness, amplitude, and furniture with simple lines without volumes. There are certain shades that will help you create a more modern space and elegant. Are ideal spot colors, as the combination of white, black [...]

Multifunctional furniture for bedroom

Multifunctional furniture is the perfect partners for small spaces. Designed thinking about its usefulness while in its beauty, save space, have more than one use and are the product of social trends that speak of condos and homes with less meters and, increasingly, fewer people living in them. In sets of two or three tables, [...]

Living room design basics

Already being used as a staging area or as a place to relax sitting or living room is a common area of the house. It is an ideal space to show your style because it is the room most commonly seen by guests. Make it a cozy and comfortable room with some of living room [...]

Modern Wall Decorations for Living Room

Terracotta color to paint the walls make your living room has earthy feel. This warm color that alludes to exotic locations presents the perfect canvas on which to build the wall decorations for living room. The first wall decorations for living room are Mexican and Southwestern. Locate terracotta decorative elements like suns, moons, stars and [...]

artful modern style living room

Wellness and functionality, that’s what attracted in modern style living room, beyond aesthetics. Sober, modern lounge makes great comfort. With simple furnishings with structured lines and neutral colors, it does not mean forgetting to play on contrasts: vivid color accents come enhance the room; the main colors are around white, moles, gray or beige. Once [...]